A common belief is that bees must be made acquainted with the death of any member of the family, otherwise these intelligent little creatures will either desert the hive or stop working. The old way of doing this was for the good wife of the house to go and hang the stand of hives with black. Another way was for the master to approach the hives and rap gently upon them. When the bees attention was thus secured, he would say in a low voice the name of the deceased and that they had died.      -- Excerpt from A Book of New England Legends and Folk Lore

Some of us talk to our bees regularly. Others only on solemn occasions. However you choose to tell your bees is the right way. Below is a tribute to recent members who have passed away.

Floyd J. Hildebrant 1927-2000

Debbie Cowell

H. Emerson Powell, 1902-1982

Thomas J. Webb, 1928-2018

Gary A. Roemer, 1962-2018

Ellis Schweitzer, 1928-2009

Jesse L. Skove, 1987-2003

Photo of Bernhard Oesen in a black hat

Bernhard Oesen, 1940-2020

Walter H. Richards, 1910-2002

Dorothea L. Richards, 1917-2002

Christy Silvers, 1973-2021

Photo of Bernhard Oesen in a black hat

Helen Webb, 1930-2021

Roman Osadca, 1950-2022

Edward Andrascik, 1964-2023

Harry Zarr, 1910-1986

Patricia M. Schmitz, 1928-1984

Karl W. Schmitz, 1923-1984

Albert W. Weinmann, Sr., 1909-1993

Carl D. Townsend, 1941-1998