Sussex County Beekeeping Association 

It’s Time for the Fair!

Time to prepare for the New Jersey State Fair / Sussex Farm & Horse Show. Some important dates to remember:

Volunteers are needed. Please SIGN UP here!

These dates still need volunteers:

 Monday, Aug 8:       10am – 2pm;
Wednesday, Aug 10:   2p – 6pm;
Friday, Aug 12:   2p – 6p; 6p – 10p;
Saturday, Aug 13:   2p – 6p;  6p – 10p;

Dates to Remember:

Sunday, July 31 at 9am-11am: Booth Set Up with Harry
Sunday, July 31 at 11am – 2pm: Fair Volunteer Prep Meeting
Pick up your fair & parking passes for free entry on the days you volunteer
Pick up your 2022 club shirts (for those that pre-ordered).

Note: all volunteers must wear a club shirt while in the booth.
Shirt can be from any year!

Learn about booth processes & etiquette, products being sold, cash register operation, and more!

Honey Queen, Princess and Junior Beekeepers will be announced.

Lunch will be served. Nothing to bring – just yourself!

Wednesday, Aug 3 from 6pm – 8pm:
Booth Stocking and Honey Show entry drop off

Friday, Aug 5: Fair Opens 5pm-10pm
Saturday, Aug 13: Fair closes at 10pm
Sunday, Aug 14: from 9am – 11am
Pick up Honey Show entries; Booth break down

The Giving Tap Fundraiser

SCBA thanks Czig Meister for choosing us to participate in The Giving Tap for June. It was great to meet everyone and enjoy a few glasses of Treaty Between Earth and Man, the seasonal beer made with honey.

SCBA members are encouraged to drop by Czig Meister Brewing to sample their other great beers!

Czig Mester Brewing, 106 Valentine Street, Hackettstown, NJ

Helpful Links

2022 Honey Show Entry Information

Enter your honey in this year’s Sussex County Farm & Horse Show



* Rules & Information

* Entry Form

* Need some guidance?
Take a look at the Judge’s Scoresheet

SCBA Royalty Program

Know a young beekeeper who would like to be a part of this year’s program? Please read this flyer, then contact Dan Perez, program coordinator. Encourage your children to participate!

Let’s Talk About

Varroa Destructor

Dear Fellow Sussex Beekeeper-

Keeping track of the varroa destructor levels in your hives, and treating those parasites, is paramount to your success as a beekeeper, and your bee’s ability to survive the onslaught of the bee viruses the mites vector. As we’ve discussed, in order to accurately and simply establish mite loads, you need to perform monthly checks.  We’ve attached a link here to a short educational video performed by Randy Oliver, researcher and beekeeper, and author of the web page  The video is titled “Randy’s Mite Wash Video“. Randy’s web page also offers an instructional aid on how to create your own inexpensive mite shaker. Please log on to Randy’s site, use it as you wish, and feel free to make a contribution if you’re so moved.
Thank you and Bee well.
Tom Makoujy, Pres.

Sussex County Beekeepers Association

Name That Masked Beekeeper

Can you recognize your club members in their full beekeeping regalia? We all have a unique way of handling our bees–a special way we waddle when being chased by our hive. Send in your photos and give others a chance to Name That Masked Member.